Dedicated to old Ladybird books - 1914 -1975
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In a Big Store

Part of the pleasure of re-reading the ‘People at Work’ books today is that, unlike so many Ladybirds which dealt with fiction, history or Nature – their stated aim was to show children contemporary, urban Britain. But when the contemporary…

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Art, Artists, History

John Berry

When in later life John Berry sat down to write his memoirs he gave it the working title ‘A Brush with Life’.  It was a good choice  to sum up the working life of an artist who created such sensitive,…

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Roger Hall

Roger Hall was born in 1914. He began his career at a tender age, painting publicity images for front of house displays in cinemas from the age of 15.  He was a self-taught artist and would spend his weekends studying…

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Ladybird exhibitions

I bring joyful tidings regarding two different Ladybird book exhibitions which are coming up this year. 1) An exhibition about Ladybird Books in Reading, opening soon. 2) MY exhibition – ‘The Wonderful World of the Ladybird Book Artists’, taking place…

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