Answers to the Easy Quiz

So? Did you cheat and check your books?
  1. The original name of the publishers now known as 'Ladybird' was Wills and Hepworth.

  2. There were 6 'Flight' travel adventure books in the series.

  3. The name of the dog in the Peter and Jane, Keyword reader series was Pat.

  4. In the Puddle Lane series there were 5 levels.
    Orange was the 3rd level.

  5. In the 497 series, there was a Conceited Lamb
    A Lazy Rooster
    A Lonely Donkey
    An Inquisitive Harvest Mouse
    A Sleepy Water Vole

  6. 'Toby and the stout Gentleman' is a story from Thomas the Tank Engine.

  7. The names of the two children in the series 563 stories 'The Party' and 'Shopping with Mother are John and Susan.

  8. Three of the history titles (series 561) include the word 'Henry' - Henry II and Thomas Becket, Henry V and VIII.

  9. Cinderella attended 3 balls in the original 606d version.

  10. Auntie Muriel 'recounts' the fairy tales in the 413 series.

  11. The titles of the covers (and I'll try to make them bigger next time):

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    Quiz answers

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