Answers to Moderate Quiz

  1. The names of the 2 children in the Travel Adventure series, 587 are Alison and John.

  2. Cinderella's dress at the 2nd ball, according to the original 606d version, was blue.

  3. 4 of the original 413 Fairy Tales share a title with a 606d tale - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Dick Whittington and his Cat and Jack and the Beanstalk.

  4. The 497 series was written by Noel Barr.

  5. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd books of Nursery Rhymes were illustrated by Frank Hampson.

  6. Mick the Disobedient Puppy was a poodle.

  7. The original Junior Science books deal with: bulbs, wind, engines, magnets, levers, mirrors, light, flight, air, batteries, lenses and ... PULLEYS.

  8. 4 books in the 536 Nature series have a title beginning 'The' (not including 'THE Ladybird book of ...') The Weather, The Seashore and Seashore Life, The Night Sky and The Story of our Rocks and Minerals.

  9. Six books in the History series (561) have a woman's name in the title - Elizabeths I, Fry and Gaskell, Cleopatra, Joan, and Victoria. The trick answer to this question is '8' - including 'Bonnie!'

  10. Book extracts from the 1st page:

    (A)"Fire! A cry of alarm rang through the Epworth rectory one night in the winter of 1709" John Wesley.

    (B)"Their country holiday is about to begin, and Betty is telling Trigger to listen to Bob, and sniff the nice smells." In the Country with Uncle Mac.

    (C)"She wriggled until she had one eye free, and this is what she saw." Tiptoes the Mischievous Kitten.

    (D)"Everyone could see it and it was 'above' other buildings, as befits the 'House of God'" No, not Churches and Cathedrals but 'What to Look for Outside a Church'.

    (E)"... following its opening the price of coal in Manchester was halved." The Story of our Canals.

    (F)"Hedge-banks and ditches are russet with the browns and yellows of the dead bracken-fronds." What to Look for in Winter.

    (G)"These rotted down and more trees grew in the hot, steamy forests". People at Work - The Miner

    (H)"They were going to look for some sweet grass to eat so that they could grow fat". The 3 Billy-Goats Gruff.

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