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Easy Quiz

Nice and easy to start with. The challenge is to do this quiz from memory, without recourse to your bookshelves.
  1. What was the original name of the publishers now known as 'Ladybird'?

  2. 'Flight One - Australia' was part of the Travel Adventure series, 587. How many 'Travel Adventure' books were there?

  3. What was the name of the dog in the Peter and Jane, Keyword reader series?

  4. In the Puddle Lane series, the colour of the books indicates the level. How many levels are there?
    Which level is orange?

  5. In the 497 series, what animal was 'conceited'?

  6. In which series would you find a story named: 'Toby and the stout Gentleman'?

  7. What are the names of the two children in the series 563 stories 'The Party' and 'Shopping with Mother?'

  8. How many of the history titles (series 561) include the word 'Henry'?

  9. How many balls did Cinderella attend in the original 606d version?

  10. Who 'recounts' the fairy tales in the 413 series?

  11. Identify these titles from the covers:

    Quiz questions

    Quiz questions

    Quiz questions

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