Hard Quiz

For confirmed Lady-nerds only. No checking bookshelves, now.

  1. Who illustrated the 497 (character defect stories)?

  2. What was the last matt book to be published in the Children's Classics series?

  3. How many books in the Nature series feature the word 'birds' in the title?

  4. Apart from 'The Weather' which other books in this series have a 2-word title?

  5. What is 'J' for in Uncle Mac's ABC?

  6. What is 'J' for in the original Ladybird ABC?

  7. What animal is on the front cover of the original version of:

    A 3rd Ladybird Picture Book?
    Sounds and Pictures 3?
    Talkabout Animals?

  8. In the original version of Tootles the Taxi, what's the name of the omnibus?

  9. Can you identify these books from part of the cover? The numbers you can see are my half-hearted attempt to number the pictures themselves.

    Quiz questions

    Quiz questions

    Quiz questions

    Quiz questions

    Quiz questions

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