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I have hundreds of books for sale (or swap). All types and conditions - from cheap and cheerful reading copies to smart dust-jacketed collectors books. I shall list as many as I can here. But do contact me if you're looking for something in particular or have any questions.

This is the story so far. I have listed books broadly by subject but indicated series number as well. On each page a change of font colour indicates a change of series. But as ladybird often issued the same books in different series this is only meant to be a rough guide. I've added the date the title was first published so you'll know if a book is the edition you're looking for. Price varies according to scarcity of book, condition and, in short, how hard I find to part with it! If there aren't any details about a book you would like, it's just that I haven't got around to listing it yet.

Boring stuff about buying books

When I give details of a book I first say if the boards are matt or laminated (lam). I then indicate the ORIGINAL price of the book, the 'tally' number (if stated) and the condition. Finally I state the cost of the book to buy(not including post and packing). I always try to keep the cost of p&p right down. Typically when sending a book in the UK I charge 65p for one ladybird book sent 2nd class, 85p for two books , 1.05p for 3 books etc. For larger orders in the UK, Standard Parcel is often cheaper. I can only accept PayPal, cash, UK cheques or postal orders. From abroad, only PayPal or cash. Sorry. If you aren't happy with a purchase, send it back and I'll refund. OK Boring stuff over. Now the books:

Nature series 536

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Pre-1965 Books (from all series) with their dust-jackets         Richard the Lion Heart, with DJ Foreign Language Ladybird books     French book     Finnish Book
Animal Rhyming Stories series 401         Gingers Adventures Fairy Tales, Auntie Muriel, Nursery Rhymes series 413        Tootles the Taxi
The Adventures of Wonk series 417
The Impatient Horse series 538
Animal Stories series 497 including Hannibal the hamster and Tasseltip Mick the Disobedient Puppy
Nature and Animals series 536, 651, 682, 727        Birds of Prey Uncle Mac series 455     In the Country with Uncle Mac
Tasseltip Tales series 474     The Flickerdick The Tinker's Wig series 478
Bible stories and Religious Topics series 522, 606a, 612, 649         The Shepherd Boy of Bethlehem History books series 561, 663, 708         Sir Walter Raleigh
The story of... series 601, 644, 662, 701, 707        Churches and Cathedrals Hobbies and Activities series 633     Things to Make
Learning to Read and Nostalgia Series 563         Numbers Travel Adventure and Places series 587, 606g, 618 Flight 4 India
Legends, Folk Tales, Robin Hood, Arthur,
Pirates and Cowboys Series 549, 707, 740
    The Story of the Cowboy
People at Work series 606b, 606e, 822            People at Work
Well-Loved Tales series 606d The Elves and the Shoemaker 606d Learnabout series 634 Learnabout Crochet
Recognition books, Transport and Food
series 584 and 606f
    Commercial Vehicles
Junior Science books and Maps series 621 and 671   Junior science
How it Works series 654 How-it-works The Motor Car Children's Classics series 740 Treasure Island
Read it Yourself series 777 Read it Yourself - Heidi Thomas the Tank Engine series 848 Thomas the Tank Engine
Puddle Lane series 855 Puddle Lane, How Miranda Flew Down Puddle Lane Garden Gang and Fun Guys series 793, 413 and 814 Penelope Strawberry and Roger Radish
Famous People series 816     Princess Diana Talkabout series 735 Talkabout
Key Word Readers - Peter and Jane Peter and Jane (original version) 1a Sunstart and Sunbird series 747, 792 Sunstart - On The Beach
Leaders series 737 Bread Maths and numbers series 661, 678 Understanding Numbers
Picture books, Early Learning with Mother and Rhymes
series 563, 622, 702, 704 and 721
Memory Rhymes
Science Fiction etc series 814, 815 and 823
Home safety, Cookery and Toddler books
series 819, 824 and 833
Poetry and Discovering series 831 and 861 Comic and Curious Verse
  All series   All books 50p
Recent reading schemes: 'Say the Sounds' and 'Read with Me' Read with Me

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