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Spot the Difference - Previous month's quizes:

Quiz number 7

This one, courtesy of Paul Crampton, two different editions of Stone Age Man in Britain - one from the dustwrapper era and one with matt boards. Since the difference is not so hard to spot, the winner this month will be the first person to email me with the correct answer AND a convincing explanation as to why this amendment might have been thought necessary.

If you know: Email me  You'll find the answer here

Quiz number 6

This month, take a look at this picture - it's the front cover of a book with just the title cut off - and email me if you know what book it comes from. And yes, it's not as obvious as it looks.

You'll find the answers here.

Quiz number 5

Back to those Well Loved Tales endpapers. There's another difference to find - not so different from the last. Ignore pencil number 3 on the first pic. Clue: pigs again.

Thanks to Paul Crampton for pointing this one out to me

You'll find the answers here.

Quiz number 4

This is a 1st edition of The Green Umbrella, from series 401. What's the difference between this and later editions of this book?

You'll find the answers here.

Quiz number 3

A bit different this month. You have to spot the difference from one book only! (Well it was all getting a bit easy).

Firstly, this cover picture from 'Great Civilisations - The Vikings'. How is this cover different from other editions of the same book? (Thanks Lynn).

Secondly, (and this is a tougher one), the front endpapers from an early edition of 'Gingers Adventures'. But what is unsual about the picture?

You'll find the answers here.

Quiz number 2

Here are two pictures taken from different editions of the Ladybird favourite Tootles the Taxi, page 5.

My thanks to Carole 0'Reilly for pointing this out to me.
You'll find the answers here.

Quiz number 1

Here are two copies of the 1970s version of Beauty and the Beast - series 606d. These are the endpapers.

But can you spot the difference between them. OK so, the colours are stronger and brighter in the first picture and more washed out in the second. But apart from that?

My thanks to Mary Edwards for pointing this out to me. Email me if you can see it. If the second picture is too washed out looking for your eyes, pick one of the 606d books from your collection that has similar endpapers(What? Not everybody has a collection of Ladybird Books??) - the chances are it will be like the second picture.

You'll find all the answers here.

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Have you any suggestions for a similar 'Spot the difference'? Let me know if so.

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