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Videos featuring Ladybird Books

Extracts from You-Tube and other stuff

My Sister's Top Toys - James May

This clip, shown on TV around Christmas 07, led to a sudden surge of prices of old Ladybird Books - especially 'Cinderella', 'Things to Make' and 'Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries'.

The oldest (small-sized) Ladybird Books

This is my contribution to Ladybird lore. You might need to be patient - it only lasts 3 minutes - but can take up to half that time to decide that it likes your browser.

If you click on the arrow and the video vanishes, this is a GOOD SIGN. Just be patient. Or put the kettle on. Quality of this order can't be rushed.

Well Loved Tales

Here's a 3 minute tour through the front covers of the Well Loved Tales series, 606d - the original 27 books:

Valerie Singleton and The Snowman from 'Things to Make'

When Ladybird launched Their 'vintage' site (and their book of childhood 'Boys and Girls' they produced the following affectionate tribute to Blue Peter and the golden age of Ladybird:

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