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An afternoon with John Kenney

Last week I spent an afternoon surrounded by the artwork of the Ladybird artist John Kenney.  I went to The MERL (Museum of English Rural Life) in Reading where the Special Collections are stored.  I’ve talked about MERL and the…

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John Kenney

John Kenney illustrated some of the best loved Ladybird Books of the 1950s, 60s and 70s John T E Kenney produced a great many of the wonderful Ladybird Book images at the start of what might be called the ‘golden…

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Ladybird books: the artists

Ladybird books: who were the artists? There won’t be many of us who grew up in Britain between the 1950s and 1980s who don’t have some memory of Ladybird books. Over those years, wherever there were children there were probably…

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Ladybird book Artists

Interviews and information on Ladybird Book artists, writers and any other figure who played a significant part in the Ladybird Books story. Most of these biographies have been provided to me directly by the family of the individual, although occasionally…

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Frightened of a Ladybird – part 1

Children’s responses to things can often be surprising.  My son, for example, would sit cheerfully through the most alarming scenes of Doctor Who but then was kept awake for night after night after a particular episode of Thomas the Tank…

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The Ladybird Book that never was

  The original Kenney versions and a 1978 version When I met John Kenney’s relative (see last post) she asked me whether Ladybird had ever published a book in the Robin Hood series called ‘The Spy’. The reason for this…

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The evolution of Tootles

Last month I had a truly Ladybird-Geeky treat.  I met up with Ladybird artist John Kenney’s closest surviving relative and, over a very pleasant lunch, enjoyed the pleasure of talking with someone who shares my passion for these pictures and…

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