Dedicated to old Ladybird books - 1914 -1975

A Spoof Version of Peter and Jane: Book 2D

A spoof version of Key Word reader book 2D – We Help Ourselves (written about 15  years ago).

Peter and Jane are out in the sun. They are at play.

“I see a big house” says Peter.

“Yes, says Jane. I can see the big house”

“Look” says Peter. “I can see a window. The window is open, but it is up”.

“Yes, says Jane. I can see a ladder. Up you go, Peter. You go up up up.”

“Look at me, Jane” says Peter. “I go up up up. You stay there Jane. You can look”.

“What can you see, Peter?” says Jane.

“I can see money and I can see silver” says Peter. “I like to help myself. What can you see Jane?”.

“I can see DANGER. I see a car. It is a police car”.

“There is no danger” says Peter. “The policeman is our friend”.

Peter comes down.

“Hello Peter and Jane”, says the policeman.

“Hello” says Jane. “We are at play”.

“You are a good boy, Peter and you are a good girl, Jane” says the policeman. I have apples. Here is a big apple for you, Peter and here is a little apple for you, Jane”

The policeman goes.

“We must go home” says Jane. “Mummy says we must be home early”.

“Yes” says Peter. “We have money and silver and apples. But I want to buy sweets and toys.”

“Yes” says Jane. I like toys and I like sweets. But I do not like to pay”.

“No” says Peter. “We like to help ourselves”.

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