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Where to buy Ladybird books

One of the best things about collecting old Ladybird books is that it can be an extremely affordable hobby.  When I began collecting old Ladybird book, I built up the vast majority of my collection by picking up books at charity shops, second-hand bookshops, car-boot sales and jumble sales.  It’s not so easy to do that now.  Most shops, including charity shops have (quite rightly) latched on to the fact that Ladybird books are collectable and charge a decent price for them.  But if you are able to pick your collection up in this way, it is by far the most satisfying.

When I started collecting, the internet was still fairly young and it wasn’t the best place to find books.  That changed very rapidly; as awareness grew that these books were collectable the price you might expect to pay for a book actually went down rather than up because the internet increased availability so markedly.  So once you have made the best start you can by picking up books from charity shops and car-boot sales today the cheapest, and certainly the quickest, way to close those annoying gaps in your collection is to buy them on eBay.

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