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Have you ever been to Hay-on-Wye? If you love books, you have to visit at least once. And once is never enough. Hay is a very small, pretty town just across the Herefordshire border, in Powys, Mid-Wales. The area is…

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Cassettes – remember them? It seems a lot of people do. For a short period, I think between the late 1970s and 1980s, Ladybird started to publish many fiction titles with an accompanying cassette. Occasionally at a car-boot sale I’ll…

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Endearing Indira?

If you often visit eBay – perhaps in quest of Ladybird Books – you might some times have tried searching by ‘Most expensive item first’. If you’ve tried that in recent weeks you might have seen a Ladybird Book ‘Indira…

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Fritz and self-selection

Fritz, originally uploaded by helendawntreader. Fritz, the gentleman mentioned in the post below, is an actor – principally an ‘extra’ – or whatever the correct term is. With his wild beard, matching scraggy pony-tail and nose ring he gets very…

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