Dedicated to old Ladybird books - 1914 -1975



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You can’t make an omlette …

The thing about Ladybird Books … well, one of the things … there are a lot of things … but one of my favourite things about Ladybird Books is the way they capture domestic scenes in snapshot.  Details of 20th…

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Collecting Ladybird books, Society

Locating Lynn Brailey

Bookplates Is your name Lynn Brailey? WAS your name Lynn Brailey? Then perhaps you are being sought. Not for anything bad – this is Ladybird Land, for goodness sake. Let’s go back a stage. Lots of old Ladybird Books have…

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Much Ado about Branding

Just this week everywhere I look online I seem to see reference to Ladybird Books – and the trumpeting that they are ” to drop gender branding from its books after almost 100 years”.: If you search Twitter at…

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