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You can’t make an omlette …

The thing about Ladybird Books … well, one of the things … there are a lot of things … but one of my favourite things about Ladybird Books is the way they capture domestic scenes in snapshot.  Details of 20th…

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‘A’ is for … Ambulance?

‘A’ isn’t always for ‘apple’.  The question is, was ‘A’ ever for ‘Armoured Train’ ? (Bear with me; this IS leading somewhere). There were lots of different Alphabet books produced by Ladybird over the years and there’s a story that…

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Locating Lynn Brailey

Is your name Lynn Brailey? WAS your name Lynn Brailey? Then perhaps you are being sought. Not for anything bad – this is Ladybird Land, for goodness sake.  Let’s go back a stage. Lots of old Ladybird Books have book…

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Much Ado about Branding

Just this week everywhere I look online I seem to see reference to Ladybird Books – and the trumpeting that they are ” to drop gender branding from its books after almost 100 years”.: If you search Twitter at…

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What To Look For – In Vain

A few weeks ago, I was searching through my Ladybird Books, looking for a suitable picture to use for the commemoration of the D-Day Landings.  It proved very hard to find anything – and reminded me how very few pictures…

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It never rains in Ladybird Land

Recently it has been raining.  You may have noticed.Raining a lot. Of course, it never rains in Ladybird Land.  Ladybird Land is a place of eternal spring flowers and sunny picnics and games with boats down by the friendly river….

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