I love the original classroom posters that you can still occasionally find right at the back of school cupboards. Made to support the 1960s Peter and Jane Key Words reading scheme, they were the interactive whiteboard of their day. Collector Ruth Lawrence found this old archive video of a classroom with the posters in the background. Watch the first 45 seconds of this charming video for a moment of time-travel, back to 1969 clip, the children have been asked their views on Christmas:

And below you can see the same posters at my exhibition. As a cherry on top, standing in front of the posters are the real Peter and Jane; two of the main models for the 1960s version of the Key Words reading scheme came to the opening of my exhibition in 2018. So here is Peter and here is Jane -around 57 years after they (real names Jean and Andrew) posed as Peter and Jane for Martin Aitchison’s artwork.

Here Peter-Andrew is wearing the very top hat that was used as a prop in a couple of the original illustrations.

(And just so you know, Jean and Andrew turned out to be as lovely and smart and friendly as you could ever want the grown-up Peter and Jane to be).