Fritz, originally uploaded by helendawntreader.

Fritz, the gentleman mentioned in the post below, is an actor – principally an ‘extra’ – or whatever the correct term is.

With his wild beard, matching scraggy pony-tail and nose ring he gets very particular parts – he says he is usually asked to play the down-and-out, the tramp, the survior of the atrocity several months on or something like that. He told me all this before we met up – as a warning that he might look scary.

Well he did look a bit scary, but was warm and interesting. And this leads me on to the point of my post. This turned into one of the very many odd, friendly and off-beat encounters that I have had as a result of my Ladybird hobby.

How many weekend mornings have I dragged husband (and sometimes son) off to meet the god-son of an artist, the grand-daughter of a writer or some other interesting character with their own collection of books or tale to tell.

And invariably the individual is intelligent, warm and friendly – if a little off-beat. Can this be coincidence? I doubt it. I think that there’s something of a natural self-selection when it comes to anything to do with Ladybird Books.

To be an adult with an unabshed fondness for these little books seems to require a certain set of characteristics – which include self-deprecation and mild eccentricity.

Hold your heads high, Ladybods of the world.