If you grew up with the Hannibal the hamster series of Ladybird books, or read them to a child, you’ll know what little gems they are.  The artwork by John Berry is in great contrast to his better-known ‘People at Work’ series illustrations but still staggering in its photo-realism.  This is quite a feat given that the stories are the an escapee hamster and his conversations with other animals.

I’ve been asked if I will advertise for sale a piece or original Ladybird artwork by Berry from the book ‘Hannibal on the Nature Trail’, first published in 1978.  The artwork measures 14 inches x 5 inches – in other words, it’s approximately twice as big as the illustration in the book.  The picture is signed and framed and the price of £500 includes UK p&p.

If you’re interested, please contact me and I’ll pass on the seller’s details.


You can read more about artist John Berry here and see a lot of his original artwork currently on display in a free-entry exhibition in Canterbury this summer.