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I SO did not say …

Just watched today’s Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Be it known …I SO did not say that I had the world’s largest private collection of Ladybird Books!  They just made that up! Here’s the link to the episode on iPlayer.  The…

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Spot the Ladybird – your help needed

I’m often asked to help someone identify a dearly remembered book from the odd line or description of a picture.  Often I can do it – but this one may be a bit modern for me.  Can anyone help? Ladybird…

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Timeshift – BBC4

Rather belatedly, here’s news of some of the Ladybird Land business I mentioned in my last post. Episode 1. The BBC4 Series Timeshift is going to do a whole long documentary on Ladybird Books! They’ve been getting in touch with…

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Busy busy in Ladybird Land

The normal tranquillity of Ladybird Land has been rather disrupted lately.  For one reason or another, there have been lots of journalists and programme makers looking into the subject.  The main reason seems to be the forthcoming ‘centenary’ of Ladybird. …

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B H Robinson – Ladybird artist

I’ve just made a new page about the life and work of the Ladybird artist B H Robinson. He illustrated a large number of books for Ladybird in the late 70s and 80s, including ‘Horses’ ‘Dogs’ and many of the…

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Christmas Quiz 2012

… Doesn’t really exist. But it seems a shame to break a tradition of 10 years, so here’s a random a ladybird question. What Ladybird Book ends with the words: ‘She died a few days later’ A cheerful quote for…

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Martin Aitchison – See Hear

At 2.00 today the BBC programme See Hear will feature an updated interview with one of the best loved Ladybird illustrators (and one of my favourite people) Martin Aitchison.  It will be screened today, 5th September 2012 on BBC 2…

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