Dedicated to old Ladybird books - 1914 -1975

Flight 7 – Helen goes to China

On Monday I’m off to China for 3 weeks. I’m leaving husband and son behind and am going with a Chinese friend. Preparing for the trip, it occurred to me how little there is in all the Ladybird series about…

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Mummy through the decades

Recently I’ve been taking a closer look at how family members are shown across the decades in Ladybird Book. ‘Mummy’ in the 40s 50s and even 60s is often a very glamorous creature – very slender and with wonderfully coiffered…

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It never rains in Ladybird Land

Recently it has been raining.  You may have noticed.Raining a lot. Of course, it never rains in Ladybird Land.  Ladybird Land is a place of eternal spring flowers and sunny picnics and games with boats down by the friendly river….

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Remembering William Murray

As the recent documentary on Ladybird Books made clear, William Murray, creator – with McNally – of Peter and Jane, was a commited educationalist.  His methodical, scientific approach  to the teaching of literacy was what first enthused Douglas Keen and…

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Maidstone Museum: A Ladybird Childhood

Maidstone Museum’s new exhibition: A Ladybird Childhood is having its preview tonight and opening tomorrow.  I’d love to go to the preview – but it’s just to far from Hertfordshire in Friday evening traffic.  I’m sure I’ll make it down…

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