Dedicated to old Ladybird books - 1914 -1975
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It never rains in Ladybird Land

Recently it has been raining.  You may have noticed.Raining a lot. Of course, it never rains in Ladybird Land.  Ladybird Land is a place of eternal spring flowers and sunny picnics and games with boats down by the friendly river….

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Remembering William Murray

As the recent documentary on Ladybird Books made clear, William Murray, creator – with McNally – of Peter and Jane, was a commited educationalist.  His methodical, scientific approach  to the teaching of literacy was what first enthused Douglas Keen and…

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Maidstone Museum: A Ladybird Childhood

Maidstone Museum’s new exhibition: A Ladybird Childhood is having its preview tonight and opening tomorrow.  I’d love to go to the preview – but it’s just to far from Hertfordshire in Friday evening traffic.  I’m sure I’ll make it down…

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Review of the week and new year’s resolution

It’s very satisfying to see the steep climb in visits to my website following the Timeshift Ladybird Books documentary last week. The programme led me to review my website and to realise how horribly neglected it has been in recent…

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Ladybird posh-frocks

Which is your favourite Ladybird ‘frock’? Cinderella: pink silk and rosebuds Cinderella: blue satin and net Cinderella: white and gold net Cinderella: grey ‘new look’ rags Cinderella: purple ‘going-away’ dress Beauty: blue and white cotten Sleeping Beauty: gold silk Rapunzel:…

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Amidst all the kerfuffle

about the Timeshift documentary, a reminder of the forthcoming Ladybird ‘Centenary’:

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