Dedicated to old Ladybird books - 1914 -1975

Praise for the exhibition

Information about the exhibition can be found here
There’s also a Facebook page. Just search: @ladybirdartists

I haven’t wanted to witter on and on about all the praise I have been receiving for this exhibition since it has been on at Leiceter. I had been bowled over by its reception in Canterbury – but this was different – like a very welcome avalanche. So in order to share just some of it, I’ve collated some but far from all of the responses from Twitter here.

This was just Twitter. There were also emails, and Instagram and Facebook …

And this was all in a 7-week period

Leicester praise on Twitter Part 1

Praise for Leicester on Twitter Part 2

Thank you for all who took a moment to evaluate it – especially as you were all so nice

#Nothing HumbleAboutThisBragging