A First Ladybird Book of Nursery Rhymes, 1965


A First Ladybird Book of Nursery Rhymes, 1965.  This book, illustrated by Frank Hampson, was the first book in the set of 3 Nursery Rhymes books published in the 1960s.   It includes the rhymes Hush-a-bye Baby, Little Bo-Peep and Little Jumping Joan.

The rhymes are traditional so these books are all about Frank Hampson’s wild, pretty disconcerting images.  The books appeal and alarm in equal measure – with odd perspectives, bright colours and odd juxta-positioning of the every-day and fantasy.

This copy:

It’s hard to find any of these 3 Nursery Rhyme books in good condition – they were usually read to bits or given to the youngest of children.  This copy is very scruffy on the outside but inside it’s a nice copy with just a long crease on the index page.  It dates from the 1980s and has 70p original price stamped on the back.

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