A part-set of Tasseltip books (5 of 6 books)


This series of Tasseltip books was a light re-working of a series of books first published in the 1940s – before Ladybird was well-established as a children’s publisher.  The original 1940s series was created and written by Dorothy Richards and the 1970s adaptations are credited to Sarah Cotton.  The original artwork was by the well-respected Ernest Aris but to issue the series anew in the 1970s, the original artwork was slightly adapted for the 1970s version by Ladybird’s then in-house art director Roy Smith.  The cover style was also changed (the original books were yellow) and the titles were all changed.  Sometimes it’s easy to see why it was thought necessary to change a title (- one wonders how a children’s book entitled ‘The Flickerdick’ would have been received in the 1970s) – at other times it’s less clear.  I suppose the idea was to give the set more unity by starting every title with the name Tasseltip.

There were 6 books in the series and this a set of all but one; Tasseltip Buys a Present is missing.  They have matt boards and range in condition from Very Good to Excellent – the biggest fault being that a couple have names on the preliminaries.  They date from the mid-1970s.



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