A trio of Masters of the Universe books (3 books)


I can’t swear to the fact that I’ve ever read these books, so I shall refer to the blurb at the front:

Might goes hand in hand with right as He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fight to make their planet safe.  The greatest of their enemies is Skeletor, the Lord of Destruction, and his evil band, whose hatred for their foes is never-ending.  The war goes on but who will win?

I’m not sure how many books were in the series –  this a group of 3 of them.  They have glossy boards and range in condition from Very Good to good/fair – the biggest fault being that Wings of Doom has some brown spots on the title page and free endpaper and has well-turned pages.  They date from the 1980s and were originally priced at 70p or 75p.



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