Beaky the Greedy Duck, 1950, (Matt)


Beaky the Greedy Duck is the sixth in the ‘Animal Stories’ series, 497.   As with the other books in this series, it was written by Noel Barr and illustrated by Percy Hickling.

This is a storybook intended to be read to young children.  Most of the stories deal with ‘naughty’ animals and the lessons they learn by the end of the book.  ‘Beaky’ is no exception – although Beaky’s humiliation feels more than a little harsh.  (There’s a happy ending!)

This matt copy is in good condition but with well rubbed edges and some heavy scuffs to the back cover.  Inside the pages are in nice condition.  It dates from the early-1970s and has an original price of 18p on the back.

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