British Birds and their Nests (2nd ed, missing DJ) (scruffy)


The first of the original ‘British Birds and their Nests’ books of series 536.  It is written by Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald and illustrated by Allen Seaby.  Seaby only illustrated one more book for Ladybird – the sequel to this.  He died before either was published.  The first book of British Birds stands as something of a landmark in the Ladybird story.  It was the baby of employee Douglas Keen – and with its success began his own success within the company.  From this point on he began to take on more and more influence over editorial content.  Within a few years he was made a director and thereafter in a position to steer Ladybird through its years of greatest success.

This copy:

This book is in such tired condition that I would never normally upload it here – but for a couple of reasons, I think it deserves a chance.  It’s a second edition (the same year as the first edition, 1953).   The pictures show its numerous faults – but the text pages are in decent condition and the pictures have that glow that is only found in the earliest copies.  It would suit a collector who wishes to collect all the variations of editions to be found in the earlier books

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