Brownie Guides, 1978, Series 706


Brownie Guides was the 3rd book to be issued in series 706 – Scouting and Guiding. .  It was written by Nancy Scott.  Unfortunately, it dates from the era when Ladybird was trying to save costs and modernise so the beautiful John Berry illustrations of the earlier books in this series were mainly replaced with less attractive photographs.  Still, you were a Brownie in the 1970s or early 80s, this book is bound to bring back lots of memories.  I was a Brownie in the 1970s for a short while.  I had the outfit just like this – but had the rather jaunty beret instead of (it seemed to me) that daft bobble hat.

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Matt boards.  In very good condition inside and out with not much wear and nice clean pages.  It dates from the late-1970s and has the original price 40p stamped on the back.

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