Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt, 1966, Series 561


Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt was the 22nd title in the 561 series, colourfully written by L du Garde Peach and illustrated by John Kenney.  This book was never issued with a dustwrapper.

I don’t think a great deal is known about the real Cleopatra – at least, not when this book was written – so the book is more about Ancient Egypt and the title perhaps an attempt to chip away at the obvious gender-gap in the titles of this series.  (There are so many interesting female figures in history – but the books merely reflect the curriculum and historical focus of their time so there’s no point in fretting about it now).

This book is in very good condition inside and out.  It dates to the 1960s and has the original price of 2/6 printed inside.  With a tally number of 160, I belive it to be a first edition.


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