Come to Holland: Series 606G, 1971


There were just 3 books in the 606G ‘Come to’ series – and this is the last of them.  This book was written by Betty Scott Danielland all three were illustrated by John Berry.   They were produced at a time when foreign travel was much less common and so when fairly close European neighbours still held fascinarion ans mystique.  Artist John Berry wasn’t sent abroad to illustrate them; his pictures are based on whatever reference pictures he could find in press-cuttings, travel books and postcards.  As a result, some of his illustrations – though beautiful and as realistic as you’d expect,  look a bit out of date for the 1970s.

This matt copy would be in VG condition but for the fact that, at some time in its life, it was covered in clear plastic to protect it.  Although all the plastic covering is long gone, this has left residue marks on the endpapers.  It is also probably the reason why this matt book seems to have a shiny finish to the covers.  There are no marks other marks or writing in it.  If it isn’t a first edition, it’s a very early copy because it has the original price of 15p on the back.

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