Easy-to-Make Puppets 2009,1973, Series 633 (facsimile)


Easy-to-Make Puppets, 2009 – facsimile edition of the 1973 book,  Series 633.

Easy-to-Make Puppets was 12th of the first book in the Hobbies series. It was written by Alan and Brenda Stockwell and was  illustrated by Eric Winter (better known in Ladybird circles for illustrating half of the well-loved tales books.

These homemade puppets hark back to an era of Blue Peter – of stickyback plastic and toilet roll and washing-up liquid bottles and ‘makes’ which were far removed from the professional look of so many craft websites and videos you see today.   Some of the puppets they suggested making, however, looked positively terrifying in the illustrations.

Because the craft books were beginning to be seen as ‘iconic’ and representative of Ladybird, this facsimile edition was brought out in 2009 — at a point when Penguin were beginning to appreciate and value the nostalgia value of these books.

This copy:

Matt boards.  You would buy this facsimile book if, although it is still second hand, you prefer a book which feels ‘clean’ than an obviously second-hand copy.   It’s in nearly-new condition and the pages are clean and unmarked.

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