Energy, Series 727


Energy, Series 727, 1981.  Written by Nigel Dudley.  Illustrated by Pat Borer.

This is the 10th book in the Conservation series, 727.
As the introduction stated, “Reserve sources f energy and power as we know them, such as gas, oil and coal, will soon have bee used up…. alternatives for the future must be found now. This book describes what energy is, how we use it, how we waste it and what some of the alternatives might be”.

These conservation series books were, in many ways, ahead of their time with their focus on the dangers of neglecting our environment.  This was a topic close to the heart of Editorial Director Douglas Keen.  It is no coincidence that these books, filled with warnings about the need to take action on the environment, came out at the time of his retirement.  He was determined that this message should be emphasised before he left.

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Glossy, laminated boards.  Excellent condition inside and out – barely seems to have been opened.

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