Exploring Space, 1964, Series 601 Revised Version


Exploring Space was first published in 1964 and was the 9th title in the long-running Achievements series, 601.  This is the revised version.  It was written by Roy Worvill, illustrated by B Knight and has revised illustrations by B H Robinson.  Because this book was published just before the first moon landing, it was revised shortly afterwards to amend in the light of new understanding, new facts and  new confidence.  This is the revised, post-moon-landing version.  It’s particularly interesting to read both versions side by side – to see which of the predictions were most accurate.

This matt copy dates from the early 1980s and was originally priced at 50p.   It is in excellent condition inside and out – very little wear and with nice, clean pages.  It dates from the late 1970s and has the original price of 40p on the back.

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