Helping at Home, 1961


Helping at Home, series 563, is, for me, one of the more nostalgic and evocative of all Ladybird books.  It was written by child-education expert Margaret Gagg and beautifully illustrated by Harry Wingfield.   It takes the reader through a number of domestic situations – two children helping their parents in the house, in the garden and shopping.  Now I was born in the 1960s and what is most appealing about this is the way Wingfield’s depicts domestic scenes with a perfect blend of accuracy and fantasy – yes, all the details of the book could be from my earliest memories and yet … everything is so shiny and perfect and happy.  Yet, despite this, this book is a helpful way to counteract some of the lazy assumptions that are often made about Ladybird books.   Yes, the little boy (not Peter) helps his dad with the gardening – but so does his little sister.  Yes, the little girl (not Jane) helps her mum in the kitchen – but so does the boy.  Dad goes shopping with the rest of the family and Mum joins in with the garden bonfire.

In common with all the books in seried 563, Helping at Home was originally issued with a dustwrapper.

This matt copy is in good to very good condition.  The odd scratch or minor blemish the covers and grubby thumb mark inside.  The pages are quite well-turned.  This copy dates to the early-1970s and has the original price of 18p on the back.

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