How it Works: Shopping on the Internet, 2000


How it Works: Shopping on the Internet, isn’t really a Ladybird book.  But it looks like one because it’s designed to look like one and it’s an interesting anecdote in the Ladybird story – so I include a copy in my main collection.  It was published by ‘’ collaborating with Ladybird books and uses the Ladybird logo.  The idea was to encourage old fogies – us Ladybird children, to get with the beat of the 21st century, put down our wicker shopping baskets and confront this thing called in-ter-net.

It borrows some illustrations from ‘How it Works: The Computer’ and adds new ones in and all in all is an interesting bit of social history.  The writers are Chas Bayfield, Jim Bolton and Lesley Henry.  The illustration credits include M Thomas, T Connell, J Sayer and R.Pearman.

Matt boards.  Excellent, nearly-new condition inside and out.

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