How it Works The Computer, 1979


How it Works : The computer,  Series 654, 1979.  Written by David Carey and James Blythe and illustrated by B H Robinson and Gerald Witcomb

This is the revised version of the book, from 1979 – with the earlier version published in 1971.  In the 1970s the speed of technological development and potential of the computer was really becoming apparent.  In this version, some of BH Robinson’s meticulous illustrations and diagrams have been replaced with photographs but the book still holds some of the charm of the original version and is actually a useful piece of social history, from the days of magnetic tape, when a ‘mini computer system’ could still fill a room.

This copy:

This laminated copy is in excellent condition.  The book barely appears to have been opened.  Inside the pages are exceptionally clean and tight.  It has an original price of 70p and dates to the 1980s.

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