King John and the Magna Carta, 1969, Series 561


King John and the Magna Carta was the 27th title in the 561 series, colourfully written by L du Garde Peach and illustrated by John Kenney.  This book was never issued with a dustwrapper – at least, not until the facsimile editions started to appear in around 2015.

In this colourful telling of the life and times of bad King John, writer L du Garde Peach and artist John Kenney seem to be enjoying themselves – both text and illustrations dance along in lively fashion.  Yet the long-running collaboration between these two men was coming to an end.  They would go on to illustrate only two more books together.

This book is in excellent condition – as nice a copy as you’re likely to find. The pages are very clean and tight – they barely appear to have been opened.    Originally priced at 15p, it dates to the early 1970s.


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