Levers Pulleys and Engines, Series 621 (matt)


Light Mirrors and Lenses, 1962  was the last book to be issued in series 621 – Junior Science –  and was originally issued with a dustwrapper.  It was written by Newing and Bowood and, like all the books in this series, was beautifully, lovingly illustrated by Harry Wingfield.  If you aren’t familiar with the series, all four of them are beautiful books, which is not what you might expect from the titles.  But Wingfield’s warm, nostalgic watercolour illustrations tenderly depict the cotton-reels, paperclips, corks and tin cans of a 1960s/70s childhood whilst at the same time clearly illustrating the experiment presented on each page.  These books are also remarkable for their depiction of boys and girls equally active in their experiments with motors, cogs, wind-socks and circuits.

This matt copy is in very good condition inside and out but for a number written on the cover above the title (see photo) and a neat name on the title page.  Very little wear and clean pages.  It dates to the late-1960s  and has an original price of  2/6 on the back.

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