Our Land in the Making, part 1, Series 663


Our Land in the Making – a mini series in two books.  It was an interesting project – an attempt to cover the geo-history of Britain in just two books.  When I realised this, it made sense in a whay that it never had before.  The idea was to provide an overview of the way that the geography of Britain has evolved and the effect of human activity on the land from prehistoric times to modern times – ie the 1960s, when the books were published.  Book one deals with pre-historic times to the Norman Conquest and book two completes the journey.

It was written by Ladybird’s go-to writer of non-fiction, Richard Bowood and rather beautifully illustrated by Ronald Lampitt.  I’ve often thought that Lampitt’s artistic skills never found full scope in his work for Ladybird – but in these two books he comes close.  Especially in book two he has the scope to do those brilliant illustrations he specialised in where he combines great topographical detail with an artist’s eye for the beautiful and the appealing.

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This matt copy of book 1 is in excellent condition inside and out.  Not much wear to the boards and nice, clean pages.   It dates to the mid-1970s  and has an original price of  24p on the back.

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