Puppies and Kittens, 1956 (DJ)


Puppies and Kittens was the first book to be published in series 563 – the series written and conceived by Margaret Gagg.  It is very much a picture book for baby – a book to engage for the youngest of children.  There seems to have been quite a tradition of ‘puppy and kitten’ picture books at this period and earlier – and the illustrations here are decidedly of this type.  They are off-the-scale cute – a perfect addition to the genre by artist H Woolley who only illustrated a few books for Ladybird but who had the gift of giving a soft, nostalgic tinge to his work.

In common with all the books in series 563, Puppies and Kittens was originally issued with a dustwrapper.  For the earliest editions, you need to look out for those copies where the title is in white rather than black.

This is a rare, early-edition copy in (almost) good condition with its original white-titled dustwrapper.  I’m a bit reluctant to let this one go – but I have to stop hoarding the oldest books!

I think the photos tell the story of this book – but the one significant fault is that there is a light yellow mark on the front panel of the dj, near the title.  You don’t spot it at first but, although not very obtrusive, it is definitely minimised in the photograph.  It’s clearly there.  Even so, as an early edition of a book with a delicate dj that was normally loved to death in very young hands, it’s a rare and beautiful survior

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