Sea and Air Mammals, 1972, Series 691


European Mammals, 1971, series 691

This is the last book in the Animals of the World series, 691. It was both written and beautifully illustrated by John Leigh-Pemberton.   For a collector, this is the hardest to find of the series.  There were 7 books in the series, covering the mammals of the main continents and then with this book picking up on those mammals that were harder to classify by terrestrial geography.  The artwork and research in these books is superb – probably Leigh-Pemberton’s tour-de-force for Ladybird.  Sadly, it’s not a well-known series today and so goes rather unappreciated.

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This matt copy is a first edition.  It is probably the hardest to find of all the books in this series.  It is in excellent condition inside and out.  It dates from the mid-1970s and has an original price of 24p printed on the back.

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