The Ladybird book of Pets, 1957 (Matt)


The Ladybird Book of Pets, 1957,  Series 536.

This is the 5th book in the Nature series, 536.  Pets was written by George Cansdale and is the only Ladybird book ever illustrated by Edward Osmond.  The earliest editions of this book were published with a dust-wrapper.

This book has a very soft, fuzzy focus which give a very nostalgic glow to the illustrations.  The choice of pets is sometimes interesting.  A pigeon is included, as is a hedgehog and a goat.

This matt copy is in good condition inside and out.  There’s a black mark on the cover, which can be seen in the photo, and a couple of tiny marks can also be found inside.  On the endpapers there’ are a couple of school stamps.  That said, there is precious little wear to the book.  It barely seems to have been read.   This copy dates from the early-1970s and has the original price of 15p on a price-revision sticker on the back.

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