The Party, 1960 (missing DJ)


The Party, series 563, is, for me, one of the most evocative of all Ladybird books.  It was written by child-education expert Margaret Gagg and beautifully illustrated by Harry Wingfield.   To my 5-year-old self this book was essence-of-aspiration.  The book tells the story of two children, John and Susan, who are invited to Ann’s birthday party.  The children walk unaccompanied to the party, play party games such as hunt-the-thimble and blind-man’s-buff and eat a homemade party tea.  Everyone behaves well.  No one cries and no-one deliberately bursts the balloons.  Ann is delighted with her gift (a Ladybird book and some pencil-crayons) and there are smiles all round.  But the outstanding feature for me – and for many of us – is the party clothes.  Ann has a yellow party dress with a big sash bow and shiny yellow party shoes.  Susan has the same but in blue.  I couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful than those party clothes.

In common with all the books in series 563, The Party was originally issued with a dustwrapper.

This copy:

This copy has lost its original dustwrapper.  It would only be of interest to someone very keen for that trip down memory lane to revisit a well-loved book from childhood.  There is a repair to the spine and a few marks on the cover.  Inside, a child has added page numbers at the bottom of the text pages.  Otherwise, however, the pages are fairly clean.  The illustrations have that glow about them that only early edition books of this series have – but generally this book is really only suitable for reading and enjoying – not for the collector.

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