The Story of oil, 1968, Series 601


The Story of oil, 1968, Series 601 was first published in 1968 and was the 11th title in the long-running Achievements series, 601.  It was illustrated by the brilliant visual-storyteller Robert Ayton and was written by W D Siddle.  There’s so much excitement in the text about all the potential of oil to create a better world – it’s quite startling to look back on all the 1960s enthusiasm and the faith that oil will one day help to end world poverty.  But even so, it’s Ayton’s illustrations that make this book.

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Matt boards.  In no better than good condition inside and out.  The spine is worn with a couple of nicks and dents.  The cover is a little discoloured and the back is quite grubby.  There’s also a faint stain on the back endpapers which has also slightly marred the bottom of the last two pages.  But for the most part the reading pages are in good shape.  This copy dates from the early-1970s and was originally priced at 15p.

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