The Story of the Indians, 1973, Series 707


The Story of the Indians of the Western Plains, 1973 Series 707.

This is the third book in the Pirates and Wild West series, 707.  It was both written and beautifully illustrated by Frank Humphris.  Except for ‘Pirates’ the books in this series all deal with topics to do with the Wild West – and were written as well as illustrated by Frank Humphris.  This is because Humphris was an aficionado of all things ‘cowboys and indians’.  He was an honarary member of an Indian tribe and was also honorary Sheriff of of a small town in the USA.   Although written at a time when American ‘westerns’ dominated tv series and films, this book is written sensitively and avoids a lot of the stereotypes of the day

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Matt boards.  Very good condition inside and out.   This copy dates to the mid 1970s and has the original price of 24p on the back.

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