Understanding Maps, 1967


Understanding Maps was the one and only title in series 671 – although it was later moved across to join the later ‘Learnabout’ books, series 634, where it was given the uniform yellow board cover and renamed as ‘Maps’.

It was written by  Nancy Scott and illustrated by Ronald Lampitt.  Lampitt was an inspired choice to illustate this book.  He had worked in Intelligence during the war and, in all probability, it was there that he honed his gift for making topographical images also work as appealing and attractive pictures – easy to ‘read’ by all.

This matt copy has got some black felt pen marks on the back and one black pen mark on the margin of one page.  This aside, it is a very nice copy inside and out.   Clean, unmarked pages.  It dates to the early 1970s and has an original price of 15p on the back.

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