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How it works: the special stamp

Let’s be honest, in this sad and sorry world, there’s not a lot of work out there for a Ladybird book consultant.  But they say every dog has its day.  Sometimes a commission comes along that matches a niche interest…

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Mummy through the decades

Recently I’ve been taking a closer look at how family members are shown across the decades in Ladybird Book. ‘Mummy’ in the 40s 50s and even 60s is often a very glamorous creature – very slender and with wonderfully coiffered…

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This year’s Ladybird Christmas Quiz

That time of year again?How did that happen? Anyway, this year’s quiz, in the true spirit of Ladybird, is non-competetive. There are no prizes on offer – except the prize of the warm flush of triumph which accompanies the knowledge…

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Toys and Games

I was delighted to be sent this picture this week. Does it jog any memories? The picture was posed for one of the illustations of classic Ladybird Book ‘Toys and Games to Make’ (first published in 1966). The child in…

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