Now here’s a sight to warm my heart.

I was contacted by a very interesting sounding man who said he had a few box loads of Ladybird Books that he had been about to take to a charity shop. Having found my webiste online he asked me if I would be interested in them.

Now working my way through a lot of assorted old Ladybird Books is a rare treat for me so of course the answer was ‘yes’. We arranged to meet at the Hatfield Galleria and, after a pleasant coffee and chat, I became the new owner. This man, Fritz, wasn’t concerned about payment, although I gave him something for having made a fair old journey to get to me. We loaded the books into the car boot and I was about to close the door when we were both struck by the beauty of the scene – a whole car boot filled with 1960s Ladybird classics.

Now the fact that you have found your way to this blog and have read this far means that there’s an evens chance that you will understand this view of aesthetics. Perhaps you will also appreciate what a great afternoon I had sorting through this ‘haul’.

Or perhaps not.