Dedicated to old Ladybird books - 1914 -1975

How old is my book? (b)

First of all, let’s establish if your book really is ‘vintage’ or is a facsimile edition, designed to look vintage.

Look on the back. If your book is a facsimile edition, it will say so either on the back or on the second page – opposite the title page.

Not a facsimile edition? Good. Ok now open the book and look on the second page (left hand side). Is there an edition stated? If there is it will look like this.

Note the edition and date top left of 2nd page in books dating from 1941 – 1959

If so, that’s good news. That is the only date you can trust in an old Ladybird book. If the edition/year is stated there (but only there) then you can believe it and your quest is at an end.

NB Be warned – in many post-1980s books, the words ‘First Edition’ are printed as standard on the preliminary pages. These words are meaningless and do not mean you have a rare book. (See pic below)

Ignore this – it’s unhelpful and does not denote a rare book

If not, click here.