Vintage Ladybird books are famously hard to date because the dating conventions usually used by booksellers rarely work with Ladybird books. The following pages will help you take a book and work out its date. They WON’T help you work out if your book has value – that’s another story. Old books may not be the most valuable. But if you’d still like to know then start here.

NB These pages will help you date Ladybird books up to about 1989. Books after that date tend not to be of interest to collectors and the date is probaby pretty meaningless.

Start here.


There will be the occasional exception to this guidance. If you have a book which you think isn’t described by following these links, feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email with a photo. Alternatively, if you’re a collector or have a particular interest in Ladybird, then you can join the Facebook group and you’ll see you are not the only one (really …)

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