Dedicated to old Ladybird books - 1914 -1975

How old is my book? (i)

If there’s a catalogue in the back, look for some of the last titles listed. This tells us which books were considered ‘new’ publications when your book was printed. Then you can use my ‘complete list‘ here to identify when those titles first came out.

For example, look at this catalogue page

You can see that some of the most recent books to have been published include The Child of the Temple (Series 522), British Birds and their Nests (series 536) and The Impatient Horse (series 538)

Using my ‘complete list‘ you can see that those books were first published in 1952, 1953 and 1953.

This means that my book must date from shortly after that period. So 1953 or 1954

Here’s another example from an earlier book.

If we look up ‘Bob Bushtail’ (series 401), Nursery Rhymes (series 413) and Fireworks (series 417) we can see that our book must have been published in 1941 or 1942.

(To find out if your book is a first edition, you need these pages)