Bonnie Prince Charlie, 1975, Series 561


Bonnie Prince Charlie was the 39th title in the 561 series, colourfully written by L du Garde Peach and it was the first of the History books to be illustrated by Roger Hall.  Because it’s one of the last of this series to be published with the traditional Ladybird format (full page picture on the right, full page of text on the left) it was only in print for a short time and hence is one of the harder-to-find books in this series.

The most remarkable thing about this book is probably all the scenes of very cross, very beardy, re-headed, kilt-wearing Scotsmen, raging and brandishing swords at the reader.  I’m not sure Peach was a big fan of this particular uprising.

This matt book is in fair/good condition.  There’s heavy wear to the spine, ticks on the back and the faintest hint of a ring mark on the cover. The pages are, however, in good condition but for a single foxing spot/mark on the first text page.   With an original price of 24p, I believe this to be a first edition.


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