Chicken Licken, Series 606d, 1969


Chicken Licken, 1969.  This book, illustrated by Robert Lumley, was the 13th book in the original series of 27 Well-Loved Tales books.   The text, as always in the books of this series, was written by Vera Southgate.

As usual, the tales with lots of magical animals in them were given to Robert Lumley to illustrate but in this book, and here he uses humour, energy and observation to create images that will create real drama for a young child at bedtime.  The problem is, will the child be able to sleep afterwards?  Unlike the foxes in The Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen, the fox in this re-telling are triumphant – which is not the best news for fans of the eponymous hero, Turkey Lurkey, Henny Penny and co.

This copy:

Chicken Licken, matt boards, Illustrated by Robert Lumely.   The book is in good condition – heavy wear to spine and a bit of spine damage and heavy wear to the back cover but inside it has very nice, clean pages.  The book dates to the late 1970s and has the original price 40p on the back.

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