Garden Birds, 1967


Garden Birds, 1967,  Series 536.

This is the 20th book in the Nature series, 536.  Garden Birds was both written and beautifully illustrated by John Leigh-Pemberton. The first three books in the Ladybird series 536 Natures series were all bird books and were very popular.  They were called ‘British Birds and their Nests, book 1, book 2 and book 3.  However, perhaps Ladybird thought that there was untapped potential in the topic because, in the late 1960s, these early books were removed from sale and in their place were more specific titles – each one looking at particular types of birds.  These later books were all written – and beautifully illustrated by John Leigh-Pemberton.

This copy:

This matt boards.  It’s in good condition inside and out but one obvious fault – a great big brown mark on the back.  The stain is on the back cover only.  The reading pages are nice and clean.  It dates to the late 1960s and has an original price of 2/6 printed inside.

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